Everything started with an idea

Observing the great opportunities of the Industry 4.0 revolution, and the growing need for improving industrial efficiency, led the Nargan company to take action, with the help of Sharif University of Technology, to answer the real needs of the national oil, gas, and petrochemical industries.

Nargan’s entry into this emerging field began in 2020 with defining a joint research project with Sharif University of Technology in the predictive maintenance field.

How we start

Datall’s birth

As that project’s R&D phase advanced through the cooperation between academic and industrial experts, Nargan decided to originate a knowledge enterprise focused on digital transformation in maintenance and repairs; so in early 2021, Datall was born with Nargan as the main investor, bringing together the knowledge of Sharif University of Technology alumni and the experience of the veterans of the industry.

A different opening

The opening ceremony of this startup ecosystem was held on March 14th, 2021, with the participation of the president and vice-presidents of Sharif University of Technology and the members of Nargan’s board of directors. On this day, 15 saplings were planted to commemorate the 15 presidents of the Sharif University of Technology from the foundation till now. The sapling named after Dr. Mojtahedi, the founder of the Sharif University of Technology, was planted by Mr. Keyhani, who was a student at Alborz high school during Dr. Mojtahedi’s term as the headmaster.

Datall, more than a company

The open minds of the decision-makers at Nargan resulted in the novel structure of the Datall startup ecosystem at the Sharif Institute for energy, water, and environmental sciences. With their support, a team consisting of 30 talented experts and researchers in the fields of data analysis, software development, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and instrumentation have gathered at Datall to reach high goals.