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Unplanned downtime is a curse of the industry sector. The associated cost can lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars per hour. 

We at Datall leverage your predictive maintenance journey to success.

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Maintenance & Process Optimization

Is Machine Protection Enough?

Your Machines are Protected but there is no protection against losses in uptime or priductivity during shutdown. Is there a way to prevent a shutdown? Is there a way to monitor the health of machines without jeopardizing the protective function? The answer is yes!
Adding GUBRAS, you will monitor all your machines holistically.

Plant-wide online condition monitoring

It significantly improves machine uptime, productivity, efficiency, and reliability and reduces life cycle costs! You can extend your machine protection system to include powerful plant-wide condition monitoring capability with little investment. Our monitoring solutions work on any protection system and be quickly developed to meet customer requirements, including performance monitoring and advanced diagnostic and analysis capability.
We increase your ability to manage your machine assets more effectively and improve the overall plant profitability in your competitive market.

Compressors, Turbines, Pumps, Fans We do it all!

Gubras is the best choice to monitor all rotating equipment: Turbines, pumps, fans, centrifugal compressors, and reciprocating compressors.

Already have a protection system? No need to change anything!

Gubras creates real-time digital connections to our DAQ system or any other source (DAQ or protections system, DCS, etc.). Gubras can also receive and process real-time data through analog connections to third-party protection systems such as Bently Nevada 3500.



The Guardian for Rotating Equipment

Gubras is a state-of-the-art solution for predictive maintenance and condition monitoring of rotating equipment. We developed Gubras to cover all condition monitoring needs at the MES level. The modular design allows Gubras to connect to the SCADA and ERP levels through different modules.

About Company

Everything started with an idea.

Datall was founded in 2021 by a group of Sharif University of Technology alumni and funded by Nargan Co.
This startup aims to develop the tools needed for the digital revolution in operation and maintenance in the energy industry. We help businesses elevate their value through industry 4.0 solutions, QA, and consultancy services. Moving to proactive maintenance is not a bubble with our solutions and services.

Your Trusted Partner in Digital Transformation Journey

When It Comes to evolving your operation and maintenance(O&M), a digitally native partner with in-depth domain knowledge makes the difference. Our digital transformation and maintenance consultants help organizations step into proactive maintenance and a confident digital future.

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