Quick Learning Ability

Quick Learning Ability

Great programmers are usually amazing self-learners. They have the ability to teach themselves new languages and technologies quickly and often do so out of personal interest outside of work. They have the ability to process information and make connections on the fly. Every programmer will experience a situation where he or she doesn’t know the answer; great programmers will find different resources, talk to the right people, and find the solution no matter what. The best skill anyone can have is knowing how to learn, and great programmers have mastered the skill of self-learning.

• Tell me about something you recently learned about or taught yourself to do.
• If you wanted to teach yourself a new programming language, how would you go about doing it?
• What concept in your “space” do you find difficult to understand, and how have you tried to overcome that difficulty?
• “Guesstimate” questions, such as:
o “How many daily active users could you potentially get for a dating app targeting college students?”








Author : Osame Irandoot (Backend developer)

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